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Do I have a case?


If you were injured because you slipped and fell, or perhaps you tripped and fell, on another’s property and the main reason it happened was a result of the fault or negligence of the owner or occupier of the premises, then you can make a claim for compensation. There is a law in Ontario known as the Occupier’s Liability Act and it stipulates that people who own or occupy premises must take reasonable precautions to protect their visitors from potentially dangerous conditions.

What kinds of cases qualify for compensation?

Typically such cases are against plaza owners, stores, restaurants, buildings, parking lots, and even private houses or driveways. Typical scenarios involve tripping on cracked pavement, uneven walkways, rickety stairs, stairs without railings or unsafe railings, or slipping on spills or untreated ice and snow – we’ve encountered it all and successfully obtained significant compensation on behalf of our clients.

In cases against the City or if the accident happens on public highways, roads or sidewalks, there are restrictions and short deadlines for advancing a claim. Unless and until we have been hired in writing by you, we cannot assume your case. So call us right away.

What steps should I take if I fall?

In any case, if at all possible, you are well advised to take the names and numbers of any potential witnesses. Take photographs of where you fell. Preserve the evidence. Keep your shoes or boots. Report the incident or have someone do it for you as soon as possible. Don’t speak to the representatives of the insurance company until you have first consulted us. Call now for your free, no-obligation consultation. We can meet you at night, over the weekend or at your home if necessary. Let over 30 years of our experience winning cases go to work for you.

Why should I consider your law firm?

We are proud of the way we personally take care of your case. Like every individual, every case is unique. By all means get your free consultation and take advantage of our policy of “win or it’s free”. Why do doctors and other lawyers recommend us? Because we are affordable and effective – Lawyers You Can Trust.

What Our Clients Say

Thank you so much for your wonderful help and patience. You helped me get through a terrible time in my life. You're the best!
C.R., Richmond Hill

Lawrence Weltman is the most supportive, caring and effective lawyer I have ever met. He handled my accident claim with amazing results. His fee which only came at the end of the case. It was the most reasonable rate of all the law firms we checked. I recommend this firm 100%.

J.C., Vaughan
"I felt they were at fault but I wasn’t sure if I had a case… I was extremely pleased with Mr. Weltman’s service. He was confident and experienced. The staff was very helpful. Not only did I not pay anything up front but his fee at the end was actually less than we had discussed… It was all explained in writing. I felt that there was justice in the end. When my case was settled I was able to buy a new car…"
F.R., Mississauga, Ontario.
"The loss of our son in this senseless accident was unbearable at times… It was comforting at least that our case was handled with great sensitivity. I knew he was sincere when his eyes welled up at times throughout our meetings. Mr. Weltman is a strong advocate and a most caring individual. He sat down with us and explained the law.... Of all the settlements in this multi-victim collision we understand we got the highest amount… We would certainly recommend Mr. Weltman to anyone who has suffered a loss in a serious accident."
W.J., Barrie, Ontario.

"There were times we wanted to settle earlier but Mr. Weltman explained that once we settle that is it. It didn’t seem like such a big case at first…over time we saw….our daughter’s injury was not completely resolved. I am grateful that we waited the necessary time before we settled the claim. … it turned out my daughter’s injury required more surgery and she had a real rough time in dealing with the situation.. The insurance company wasn’t taking us seriously… Mr. Weltman was there with us all the way. At the end it was really worth the wait and we didn’t have to go to court."

M.H., Thornhill, Ontario.
"You made yourself available... We met with other lawyers but we trusted you the most. You showed us the way to present our loss so the insurance people appreciated who our father was and what he meant to our family, especially our mother. …we could talk to you and understood the way the system works. Thank you Lawrence so much for your expert and professional assistance."
M.A., Toronto, Ontario.
"My father is in the insurance business and he was amazed that you were able to get me the money you did when you settled my case. Thanks a million….I already recommended you to my friend and wouldn’t hesitate to do so again."
K.S., Toronto, Ontario.
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